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All sorts

For me creativity is not about categories but joy of inventing new ways of doing.

The lamp "Cleaner's enlightenment" was created for an independent furniture fair at our studio. Made of two Finnish traditional items: the Orthex plastic bucket and a wooden broom.

The "Ikkuna" (Window) is a photographic portfolio  commissioned by the photographic Gallery

Hippolyte. It was realized by  carpenter Heikki Mäkinen and consists of 10 prints by Finnish photographers that can be displayed in various orders from the wooden box's window. Designed together with Johannes Nieminen.

Wooden flowers were made as scenographic elements for a childrens theatre play based on the book "Kaikki hyvin kasvimaalla" by Jukka Itkonen. The book was illustrated by Camilla Pentti, 2013. Theatre play was produced by Vattumadon

talo ry.

The pear chair is a soft childrens cushion made of Kvadrat Divina felt fabric and leather.

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